Here’s how to turn Live Photos into a video


how-to for Live Photos video in iOS 13
iOS 13 lets you add more motion to your Live Photos by putting them in a video loop.
Screenshot: Apple Support/YouTube

Fans of Live Photos will be able to save one or more into a single video thanks to a new feature in iOS 13.

Apple Support rolled out a quick tutorial on its YouTube channel Wednesday that shows the easy steps to stitching a string of Live Photos into a fun little video loop.

Users can create a video from Live Photos on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can read about this and other Live Photo effects on the Apple Support page or view the video below.

The Live Photos feature was introduced with iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s line in 2016. Instead of freezing a single moment, Live Photos is a three-second MOV file that brings a little motion to your images.

Again, the video option is only possible with iOS 13. To begin, find a series of Live Photos you took in the Camera app. Touch and hold the first Live Photo in the series. Consecutive Live Photos will begin playing as a preview video.

Tap the back arrow to return to the album and select the Live Photos you want to combine.
Touch the share button and scroll down and click on “Save as Video.”

A new video gets saved to your “Recents” album without editing the original photos.