Duet Display turns any Android into a second screen for your Mac


Duet Display is the best second screen utility.
Photo: Duet

Duet Display, the app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a second screen for your desktop, is finally on its way to Android.

You can use it alongside your Mac or Windows PC, and setup is quick and simple. Preregister your interest in Duet now ahead of its official debut later today.

Created by former Apple engineers, Duet has become hugely popular on iOS. Its ability to turn almost any iPhone or iPad into a second screen — and do a great job of it — can be incredibly handy.

Duet can be set up in minutes. It uses a wired connection for a stable connection with zero lag, and it even lets you use touch on your second screen to interact with your Mac or PC.

Now, years after launching on iOS, Duet is finally expanding its reach.

Duet Display finally on its way to Android

Duet is scheduled to arrive on Android today. You can already preregister your interest in the app through the Google Play Store to get a notification as soon as it’s ready to download.

Duet works on almost any smartphone or tablet running Android 7.1 or later. It will also work on many Chromebooks that are capable of running Android apps.

To use Duet, you’ll need to install a companion utility on your Mac (running 10.14 Mojave or later) or your PC (running Windows 10). You then need to connect both devices using a USB cable.

A second screen in an instant

Your second screen will be recognized as an external display by your computer. That means you’ll be able to change things like display resolution, rotation, and position.

Duet promises an output of up to 60 frames-per-second, and a snappy, lag-free experience. It’s the best utility of its kind that requires no additional hardware.

Preregister your interest in Duet Display today and bag it as soon as it arrives on Android to get 50% off the usual price.