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Why your iPhone reminders won‘t sync with your Mac


Reminders app on iOS 13 On iPhone X
Reminders in iOS 13 don’t play nice with macOS Mojave.
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The Reminders app in iOS 13 is a massive upgrade, offering multiple new features to make this utility software more useful. But some people might be frustrated because they can‘t get their reminders to synchronize with their Mac. Apple warns that this will continue until the next version of macOS is released.

Upgrader’s lament

A note on the Apple Support site warns:

Upgraded reminders aren’t compatible with earlier versions of iOS and macOS. If you upgrade your reminders on your iPhone with iOS 13, your iPad and Mac using the same iCloud account can’t access your reminders until iPadOS and macOS 10.15 Catalina are available.

iPadOS 13.1 debuted last week, so reminders should be synchronizing as normal between phone and tablet. However, macOS 10.15 Catalina won‘t be released until sometime later this month — Apple hasn’t given a date yet.

Until that happens, dedicated users of Reminders will need to create duplicate versions of their reminders on their iPhone and Mac. When the macOS device is updated to Catalina, the the duplicates created on the Mac will be erased.

What’s new in Reminders

The Reminders app has been around since iOS 5, and with iOS 13 is gets a redesign plus many new features.

As just a few examples, reminders can now have more detailed information added to them easily. And a reminder can automatically pop up when messaging a contact.

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Source: Apple