Get ready for your iPhone 11 pre-order with the iPhone Upgrade Program


iphone 11 Upgrade Program
Get ready for your new iPhone 11 right now.
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The iPhone Upgrade Program is Apple’s equivalent of a carrier’s monthly contract. You can upgrade your iPhone every year, and pay a monthly fee instead of buying the handset outright. The upgrade path is simple — there’s a new iPhone every year, and you can upgrade every year. Here’s how to get ready so you can be ready for iPhone 11 preorders this Friday.

iPhone Upgrade Program: Get a new iPhone every 12 months

Apple probably sent you an email already
Apple probably sent you an email already
Photo: Cult of Mac

Depending on when you got your last iPhone, you may have to pay off a balance before you can upgrade to the newest iPhones 11. Do so, and you’ll be eligible to order the new iPhones 11 and 11 Pro when preorders start on September 13, for delivery a week later. The iPhone Upgrade Program spreads the cost of your iPhone over 24 months, but you are eligible to upgrade 12 months after you got your latest handset. If you want to upgrade early, you can just pay the difference. The actual amount you must pay will depend on your individual contract. And the really good news is that you can take care of this all ahead of time.

Get Apple iPhone Upgrade Program preapproval

Apple will let you get preapproval for an iPhone upgrade using the free Apple Store app. Preapproval is available for existing and new iPhone Upgrade Program customers. If you want things to go smoothly when iPhone preorders begin, getting preapproved is essential.

To do so, just open the Apple Store app. Find the iPhone you want, and tap View Pricing. You’ll see the option to Get ready for pre-order now. You’ll be prompted to enter all the required info to get your preapproval set up. This includes:

  • Choosing your new iPhone.
  • Choosing your level of AppleCare+ coverage.
  • Confirming your carrier (if you have one).
  • Getting your upgrade loan pre-approved.

Then, you simply use the Apple Store app to place your preorder on launch day. If all goes well, your order should go through right away, with no glitches. Preapproval is available until 9:00 p.m. Pacific on Thursday September 12.

Preorders start the next day, at 5 a.m. Pacific on Friday, September 13.

Send the old one back

Once your new iPhone arrives (if you choose to have it shipped), then you will also get a trade-in kit to send your old iPhone back to Apple.

This part right here is why I don’t use the upgrade program. Those old iPhones have years left in them, and are perfect for handing on to family members. It seems like a small point, but re-using a product is far superior, environmentally, than even the most efficient recycling program.

Get ready for your iPhone 11 upgrade now

Taking a little time to set this up now may mean the difference between getting an iPhone 11 on launch day and having to wait weeks for Apple to fill backorders. If you have any more questions about preapproval for the iPhone 11, Apple has a page with all the details.