GameClub service revives 50+ classic iOS games this fall


Look out, Apple Arcade!
Photo: GameClub

GameClub, the new subscription service that promises to bring forgotten iOS games back from the dead, is officially launching this fall with more than 50 titles.

Minigore, Hook Champ and Super QuickHook are some of the games on the way. And you can try them out by signing up to the GameClub beta today.

The early days of the App Store spawned some iconic mobile games unlike anything we had been able to carry around in our pockets before. But over time, most of those games were sadly left for dead.

As iOS devices evolved into ever-more-powerful machines, mobile games got better. These days, mobile games take advantage of powerful processing and beautiful screens that were unthinkable at the time of the original iPhone’s launch.

To show how far things have come, the upcoming Apple Arcade subscription service will offer 100-plus new and exclusive games playable on iOS devices, Macs and Apple TV. Cupertino says the high-end titles, created by a bevy of rock-star developers, will “raise the bar” on gaming.

GameClub won’t let old iOS games disappear

GameClub, on the other hand, will offer simpler pleasures. The unique subscription service will focus primarily on reviving classic iOS games. And when it launches this fall, it will already include more than 50 potentially forgotten gems in its catalog.

Subscribers can play every single one of them as much as they like. There won’t be any ads or in-app purchases; you’ll get the complete version of each game as standard.

GameClub will add additional games to its roster over time — the service promises new releases on a weekly basis — so there will always be something new to play. And original titles will come later.

GameClub will have cross-platform support

That’s not all! GameClub will come with cross-platform support, so gamers can enjoy all the titles on both Android and iOS. Games will be downloadable, too, so you can play them offline.

Check out the list of classic mobile games already confirmed:

  • MiniSquadron
  • iBlast Moki 2
  • Pocket RPG
  • Mage Gauntlet
  • Forget-Me-Not
  • Super Crate Box
  • Hook Worlds
  • Chopper 2
  • Hook Champ

Classic iOS games, coming this fall

GameClub will make its official debut this fall. Pricing remains unconfirmed, but the service’s creators say they will charge a “small monthly fee” for access to the entire catalog.

In the meantime, you can try it out for free by signing up to the GameClub beta.