We’ve got the wireless charger you’re looking for [Deals]


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From desktop convenience to portable durability, pick from three great wireless chargers.
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These days, if you’re not charging wirelessly, you’re living in the past. So if you want to get in on the futuristic fun and convenience, you can’t do better than the three wireless chargers we’ve rounded up below.

CoreStand Qi Wireless Charger
Charge your Qi-enabled devices at the ideal angle with this solid stand.
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CoreStand Qi Wireless Charger – 24% off

This wireless charger sits on an aluminum stand that’s ideal for the work desk. While charging, your phone stays at a comfortable viewing angle, so you can easily use it for calls, emails and anything else. Meanwhile, your workspace is less cluttered, and your device stays fully charged.

Buy now: Get a CoreStand Qi Wireless Charger for $30. That’s 24% off the usual price.

Leatherdock Wireless Charger
This leather-bound portable wireless charger is built with style and durability in mind.
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LeatherDock Wireless Charger – 19% off

This portable wireless charger proves that high tech can also be warm and comfortable. With a genuine leather sheath, it can charge any Qi-enabled iPhone as well as Samsung, Nokia and Google devices. Even better, it comes with a 47-inch durable nylon cord and adapter, so it’s built to look good and to last.

Buy now: Get a LeatherDock Wireless Charger for $29. That’s 19% off the usual price.

MultiDock Qi Wireless Charging Dock
Charge wirelessly or via USB with this versatile, portable charging hub.
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MultiDock Qi Wireless Charging Dock – 24% off

With the versatile MultiDock, you can charge wherever and however is most convenient. You can set your Qi-enabled phone on the wireless charging pad, plug it into the USB wall outlet or use it on your desktop. An aluminum body makes for a clean look and a durable build, with a silicone center ring for grip and stability while charging, and adjustability for ideal viewing angles.

Buy now: Get a MultiDock Qi Wireless Charging Dock for $30. That’s a 24% discount.