Samsung allegedly plans to launch folding clamshell phone next year


Apple invents a unique, no-crease folding iPhone screen
Apple invents a unique, no-crease folding iPhone screen
Photo: Samsung

Samsung plans to reinvent the flip phone next year with yet another folding display smartphone, only unlike the Galaxy Fold, this one will come with an old-school design.

The new Samsung folding phone will reportedly launch next year and instead of folding out into a tablet, the new design folds inward to make the phone more pocketable.

With the Galaxy Fold launch set around the same time as the iPhone 11 launch, Samsung will get to see how interested consumers are in folding phones before it goes full steam ahead with its second folding device. Bloomberg claims the second folding phone will pack a 6.7-inch display, making it slightly bigger than the iPhone XS Max.

Details of the tech specs on the folding clamshell phone are still pretty light. The report claims Samsung wants to make the gadget more affordable and thinner than the Galaxy Fold. Samsung also hopes the device will appeal to consumers that are interested in fashion and luxury.

American designer Thom Browne is supposedly working with Samsung on the project. Its release may depend on how successful the Galaxy Fold launch is. The device reportedly will have a hole-punch selfie camera at the top of the inner display. The outside will have two cameras.

Samsung is allegedly aiming to launch the device early next. As we’ve seen with the Galaxy Fold launch though, it could be delayed for a couple of months.