Form AR swim goggles add Polar heart rate sensor support


Now you can check your heart rate while you are swimming
Now you can check your heart rate while you are swimming
Photo: Form Athletica Inc.

Augmented reality swim goggles made by Form soon will add support for select Polar heart rate monitors.

With Apple Watch, you must stop swimming and raise your wrist in order to check your heart rate. But thanks to Form Swim Goggles’ built-in AR display, wearers of a Polar monitor will be able to view their heart rate in real time while swimming.

Form Swim Googles add support for Polar OH1 and OH1+

Thanks to a free software update available in November, Form Swim Googles will communicate wirelessly with Polar’s OH1 and OH1+ optical heart rate monitors, which clip tidily onto your goggles’ straps.

In addition to displaying your heart rate in real time, Form’s companion app for iPhone will match up heart rate data to metrics such as split times, stroke rate, stroke count, pace per 100, and calories in a single view.

What’s really exciting about this feature is that it will enable swimmers to do zone training workouts, where you aim to achieve a certain level of exertion by targeting a specific heart rate. This is already popular with runners, who can check their heart rate on their running watches.

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