OtterSpot’s new stacking batteries take wireless charging to fresh heights


OtterBox OtterSpot
The OtterSpot Charging Base can power multiple OtterBox Wireless Charging Batteries and a device at the same time.
Photo: OtterBox

The OtterSpot is a new twist on mobile wireless charging. It starts with a base station sending current to a portable battery that has built-in Qi inductive charging. This battery powers up an iPhone or Android, either at home or one the go. Multiple batteries can be stacked and charged at once.

The company behind this new system is OtterBox, well known for its rugged phone and tablet cases.

Stacking up the OtterBox OtterSpot

“OtterSpot offers portable wireless charging so the low battery warning is never an issue, said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “The ability to charge multiple batteries and devices at once ensures everyone in the home or office has a fully charged device all day long.”

The OtterSpot Wireless Charging System includes one base unit and a charging battery ($129.95). The battery holds 5,000 mAh of power, and can wirelessly send up to 10 watts, though Apple products can only receive 7.5 W.

The base unit isn’t a wireless charger itself; only the batteries are. The base can send power to three batteries stacked on it at once, as well as an iPhone or Android on top of that.

There’s a USB-C port on the mobile batteries for sending current to devices that don’t support wireless charging.

Additional batteries and charging bases are available for $69.95.

OtterBox created a video to show off the OtterSpot system:

Also introduced today are a Qi-certified OtterBox Wireless Charging Pad ($49.95) and Charging Stand ($59.95).

Source: OtterBox