Moment launches filter set your iPhone photos need


new ND filters by Moment
Neutral density filters gave shooters greater control over their exposures.
Photo: Moment

Maybe mobile photography accessor Moment has turned up the wow factor on your iPhone photos with one of its high-quality lenses.

Moment thinks you can do even better with new filters the company launched this morning.

Neutral Density filters are a popular tool for photographers because of the way they can change the angle of light bouncing off bright surfaces.

The filter looks like a transition lens, the dark coating designed to cut down the glare of light to help the shooter gain better control of exposure. The benefits are many: skies are bluer, lakes and rivers look deeper and a subject can be photographed looking out a window free of reflection.

two new filters from Moment
To avoid those bad bounces of light.
Photo: Moment

Moment also has a new circular polarizing filter along with ND filters with five degrees of darkness.

The filters will require a mount that screws right into the Moment case for your phone.

Interested buyers can get $5 off for the next 72 hours. A polarizer with filter mount is on sale for $49.98. A similar set with one ND filter is $39.98. A set with both a polarizer and ND filter of your choice runs $99.96.

For a better understanding of how ND filters work, check out the video below.