Corning screen protector makes iPhone easier to use in sunlight


OtterBox Amplify screen protector by Corning
Corning and OtterBox say their screen protector is 5x more scratch resistant than their rivals’.
Photo: Corning/OtterBox

Amplify screen protectors use scratch resistance technology developed by Corning, and the latest version also has this company’s proprietary DX tech to make an iPhone easier to see in bright sunlight.

It’s made by Corning and marketed by OtterBox.

The two companies have been working together for several months. “Corning saw an opportunity to improve performance for those seeking added protection for their mobile devices,” said Corning’s Gorilla Glass chief John Bayne. “Many of the existing screen protection products were under-serving the market. The collaboration with OtterBox couples Corning’s industry-leading expertise in glass technology and proprietary manufacturing processes with OtterBox’s world-class customer service and superior global market access.”

They promise that all members of the Amplify line offer up to 5x greater scratch resistance than their rivals.

And OtterBox says the just-released Amplify Glare Guard “allows users to see their phones with clarity in bright sunlight and may also help to preserve battery life as consumers can have a comparable viewing experience on a lower brightness setting.”

Amplify Edge2Edge too

OtterBox also began offering Amplify Edge2Edge today. This “covers virtually all edges of a screen and is great for use without a case,” according to OtterBox.

The original clear Amplify screen protectors that debuted this spring sell for $49.95. The just-released Glare Guard ones go for$64.95, while the Edge2Edge versions sell for $59.95.

Corning produces versions of each for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR, as well as Apple handsets going back to the iPhone 6. All are available now on the OtterBox website.