Telegram gets Silent Messages feature, customizable dark mode


There's also a Slow Mode for group conversations.
Photo: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash

Telegram for iOS now lets you send messages without sound so you don’t disturb the person receiving them.

Its version 5.10 update — available now from the App Store — also lets you customize dark mode accent colors, set custom titles for group admins, and enable Slow Mode for group conversations.

Telegram was one of the first messaging apps to make a big deal out of user privacy with features like end-to-end encryption and a secret messaging option.

It’s not the most popular messaging platform there is, but with hundreds of millions of users worldwide, Telegram is huge today. In March of this year it picked up 3 million new users in just 24 hours.

Its most recent update makes Telegram even better with Silent Messages and more.

Telegram 5.10 brings Silent Messages

Silent Messages lets you send any message without sound so that you don’t disturb the recipient. To use it, you simply have to hold the send button (after updating to Telegram 5.10).

With Silent Messages, your message will be delivered quietly, regardless of the recipient’s notification settings. They will still see the notification — they just won’t hear it.

This release also lets you customize the accent colors for Telegram’s dark mode, set custom titles for group admins, and toggle looped playback for animated stickers.

Slow Mode for group conversations

Another big improvement in version 5.10 is a Slow Mode for group conversations. You can use it if you’re a group admin, and it lets you set limits for how frequently group members can send messages.

For instance, you might choose to specify that members can only send one message every 30 seconds. This is particularly useful for busy groups that can become overwhelming.

You can grab the latest version of Telegram from the App Store now. As always, it’s free to download.