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Get more out of Gmail with one simple tool [Deals]


Enhance the look and functions of your Gmail account, including adding a handy un-send feature.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Plenty of us use Gmail because it’s reliable, easy to use and free. But with the right tool, you can get a whole lot more out of this uber-common email client.

DarwinMail is a secure inbox tool that makes Gmail – and only Gmail – more useful, and easier to read and navigate. The bundling feature organizes and sorts your inbox by category, sender or subject so you can quickly find the messages that matter.

DarwinMail’s reminders feature makes it easy to jot down tasks, while the snoozing tool makes for extra time to take care of messages when you just don’t have the bandwidth.

It comes with plenty of other neat features, like bundling, dark mode, bulk actions, custom backgrounds, signature updates and templates. But maybe best of all is the Undo Send feature. It lets you take back certain kinds of email content, drastically reducing the risk of embarrassing or costly mistakes.

Buy now: Get a year of DarwinMail for $9.99 or get a lifetime license for $29.99. That’s 72% and 83% off the usual prices, respectively.