Apple picks up the pace of iOS 13 betas


Buggy iOS 13 made Apple rethink how it develops software
After being unveiled in June, iOS 13 is headed for release perhaps as soon as next month.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple seeded iOS 13 Developer beta 6 this afternoon, slightly more than a week after the last pre-release update. Until now, the company has generally introduced new versions every two weeks, so it’s accelerating the rate.

Tablet users also got the sixth iPadOS 13 Developer beta today containing the same changes as the iPhone one. There are fresh betas for watchOS 5 beta 6 and tvOS 13 beta 6, too.

What’s new in iOS 13 Developer beta 6

The latest update to Apple’s operating system for handsets makes it easier to turn on Dark Mode, a highlight of iOS 13. Starting with Developer beta 6, a toggle switch can be added to the Control Center to put the iPhone into Dark Mode. In addition, a Siri command can turn on this mode.

This latest beta also allows users to turn off link previews, saving on bandwidth.

These changes are also in iPadOS 13 Developer beta 6.

Developers only… for now

Only those who are paying members of the Apple Developer Program can access any of the betas released today.

That said, public beta versions for most of them are is expected soon. Apple has been following developer beats with public betas fairly quickly.

The exception is Apple Watch, which has never been part of the public beta program.