Google Chrome’s clever dark mode is coming to macOS


Chrome dark mode Mac
Speedy sites will get a "reward."
Photo: Cult of Mac

Google Chrome’s brilliant dark mode, which makes your favorite websites easier to read at night, is coming to macOS.

The feature is currently available only on Android, but the flag that enables it will soon be supported cross-platform. You’ll be able to enjoy it on your Mac, Windows PC, and on Chrome OS devices.

Lots of apps and even macOS now offer a dark mode, and many users prefer it — especially when working in dark rooms at night. Chrome is one of those apps, but as things stand you can only make Chrome’s UI darker. Its new dark mode does a lot more.

Chrome uses clever tricks to also make your favorite websites darker, even if they don’t usually offer a dark theme. You’ll soon be able to enjoy it on your desktop.

Chrome makes the web go dark

The same flag that enables Chrome’s dark mode on Android is en route to desktop versions of the browser, according to the Chromium forum. What’s more, there will be five modes to choose from.

Those modes include:

  • simple HSL-based inversion
  • simple CIELAB-based inversion
  • selective image inversion
  • selective inversion of non-image elements
  • selective inversion of everything

There’s only one dark mode option today, and in some cases, it can make websites illegible. The new mode options will enable users to adjust dark mode’s execution to prevent that from happening.

Dark mode not ready for everyone

Chrome’s dark mode isn’t quite ready for an official release yet — hence why it must be enabled with flags. But now that it is expanding its reach, it seems Google is edging closer to making it available as a standard feature that will be easier to turn on and off.

It’s not yet clear whether Chrome’s dark mode will one day make its way to iOS. There’s no sign of it appearing on iPhone and iPad just yet, however.

Via: 9to5Google