Easily remove or replace anything in your digital photos [Deals]


InPixio Photo Clip 9 Editor
Easily remove or rearrange the contents of your photos with this powerful, intuitive editor.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

In the age of always-on digital cameras, it’s easy to get photobombed. That could be a person, an object or a background element that you’d rather didn’t make it into the frame. This simple app makes it so you don’t need a graphic editing suite to fix it.

inPixio Photo Clip 9 makes it easy to remove, replace or rearrange the elements in your photos. It offers a range of intuitive tools for cropping images, cutting out unwanted bits of imagery and even creating montages with photo elements.

The erase tool removes unwanted features in the background or landscape. A smart clone tool makes filling in the remaining space a cinch. Whether it’s weirdos, wires, street signs, rude graffiti or whatever — just outline it and remove it from your picture.

Buy now: Get InPixio Photo Clip 9 Editor for Mac for $29.99. That’s a full 40% off the usual price.