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These free Mac travel apps make summer a breeze


Let your Mac make summer travel better with these Mac travel apps.
Let your Mac make summer better with these top travel apps.
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When it comes to summer, travel is the reason for the season. To help you get the most out of your wanderings, we rounded up some of our favorite Mac apps for taking summer travel to the next level. You’ll find tools for keeping currencies straight, recording your experiences, learning from your surroundings and more.

Best Mac travel apps

Day One

To help your travel memories last, you’ll want the Day One journaling app. This Mac app makes it easy to archive your day-to-day experiences in rich media, integrating with your social media, photo library, calendar and more.

Day One captures metadata that’s great for documenting travel, including location, weather, even step count. That means you’ll get to keep the context for your thoughts and memories. Clear, eye-pleasing colors make journaling with Day One downright addictive. This is a great way to keep track of travel experience, or just daily life. Plus, iOS and Apple Watch versions of Day One make great companions for the Mac app.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases

Download: Day One from the App Store (Mac)

BudgetTail Light

Keeping track of finances is important no matter what. But when you travel, it becomes extra-critical to be sure you’re not blowing all your dough. BudgetTail Light is a personal budget tracker that makes all your important financial information available at a glance. With a clear and colorful interface and multiple viewing options, you can easily import bank statements, review scheduled transactions, and stay on top of payments that are easy to forget when you’re on the road.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases

Download: BudgetTail Light from the App Store (Mac)


It’s hard enough to keep track of flights and train tickets, so why not take currency exchanges out of the mix? Find.Exchange is a currency converter for Mac that offers live updates on 160 world currencies. For the power user, the Mac app includes historical charts, search functions, and value alerts to help see when and where you money will count the most (or least). If nothing else, the intuitive interface is a lot more convenient than squinting to see the charts at the currency exchange booth.

Price: Free

Download: Find.Exchange from the App Store (Mac)


Keeping track of time zones can be as much of a headache as keeping track of exchange rates. Hour is a Mac app that makes it dead simple to see clocks from any time zones you might visit. It’s also a great way to keep track of where friends and colleagues are, so you don’t ring them up at unthinkable hours. You can rearrange by simple drag and drop, and it’s easy to add or delete cities as you please, with clear a.m./p.m. or military time formats.

Price: Free, with in-app purchases

Download: Hour from the App Store (Mac)

Dashlane Password Manager

How can you relax if you’re worried about security and privacy on the road? Luckily, there’s one free app that can take care of both. Dashlane is the official password manager at Cult of Mac because it’s an easy way to keep access to all your accounts with a single master password. (There’s an iOS version of Dashlane as well.) Dashlane is great for travel, reducing stress and making sure you never find yourself without access to an important account.

Additionally, if you spring for the premium version, you’ll get a fully functioning VPN for your Mac, iPhone and/or iPad. That means anonymous, secure browsing that also bypasses annoying content restricts. And, if you happen to lose your device, you can always log in from any computer using Dashlane’s super-secure web app.

Price: Free with premium upgrades available

Download: Dashlane

Adobe Bridge

Even though your iPhone can take great pictures, sometimes taking a dedicated camera on your trip can help bring your memories to life. Dealing with the photos on a camera isn’t as simple as using the Photos app, though. Adobe Bridge makes it easy to manage, organize and tag your photos from an SD card or camera.

With Bridge, you can plug your camera or SD card into your Mac and start reviewing your pictures. Images in Bridge can be rated or tagged, renamed in batches, and saved to various locations on your Mac. Best of all, Adobe Bridge integrates easily with both Photoshop (obviously) and Camera Raw, making it quick and convenient for editing your photos. It’s free to download, and could save you tons of time on your next vacation.

Price: Free

Download: Adobe Bridge