iPhone thief posts selfie on victim’s Instagram


Suspect in a stolen iPhone case posts selfie on victim's Instagram
The best way to get caught with a stolen iPhone is to post a selfie.
Photo courtesy of: Kearny Police Department/Facebook

New Jersey detectives are searching for an iPhone thief who may ultimately aid in his own capture because he posted a selfie on the victim’s Instagram feed.

The Kearny Police Department recently released the above photo asking the public for some Face ID and information that could help them locate the man.

Kearny police say the victim reported the iPhone stolen on May 18. Shortly after, the victim’s followers alerted him to a menacing mug posted on the Story feature. Police say the selfie came from the stolen iPhone.

Police released the photo on the department’s Facebook page on July 3. Police did not if the suspect wrote a caption identifying himself as the thief.

Kearny detectives want people to call in tips at 201-998-1313 or email at [email protected]

Police often warn the public that iPhones make innocent people the target of crime. Often, owners get strong-armed by a thief on the street or in a subway station.

In some instances, surveillance cameras catch a glimpse of the perpetrators but rare is the thief who willingly shows off his face.

Source: PetaPixel