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iPhone Pro concept fixes potential flaws in iPhone 11


iPhone Pro concept
iPhone Pro concept kills the notch by placing the necessary components under the display.
Photo: Jermaine Smit/Concept Creator

The many iPhone 11 rumors reveal a device with only a few changes, and one of those is a relatively giant camera hump. A graphic designer created a video for a concept device that takes this device forward in a way that people will probably prefer.

Watch his iPhone Pro proposal video now:

The iPhone Pro was designed by Jermaine Smit, the man behind the Concept Creator YouTube channel. He says producing the video took him “about 258 hours.”

iPhone Pro with a periscope lens

The design doesn’t reject Apple’s plan to include 3 camera lenses, but lines them up and centers them on the back. Smit said “This includes a new design for the back camera, and I have done it with a horizontal setup because of space; the target was big sensors and the of course the periscope lens.”

This type of camera reflects the light coming in, so the sensor is beside the lens rather than. behind it. This make much more room for optical zoom. And it’s not theoretical: Rival Huawei put a periscope lens in this spring’s P30 Pro.

No more notch

Smit is one of many who’d like Apple to get rid of the “notch” — the disparaging name for the screen cutout. He suggests Apple move the components currently in this area under the display. This is possible with some of them… kind of.

Oppo recently the world’s first selfie camera that sits under a phone’s screen. It’s not been used in any devices yet, however. And Samsung is still trying to drum up interest in its Sound on Display (SoD) technology, which builds the speaker into the display.

But there’s no known option for hiding the TrueDepth camera that makes FaceID and Animoji possible.

Of course, a concept design like the iPhone Pro doesn’t have to concern itself with what’s currently possible. Still, it’s not a crazy dream like the iPhone Z. This is something Apple could introduce in the coming years.