Lego builds record-breaking diorama promoting next iPhone game


Lego Games Breaks Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Lego Brick Diorama
This diorama based on the upcoming Lego Tower game weighs 880 pounds.
Photo: Jens Dige/AP Images for Lego Games

Lego Games just broke the Guinness World Records title for the largest Lego Brick Diorama. The massive structure is a real-world representation of Lego Tower, an upcoming game in which players manage their own tiny skyscrapers where Minifigures live.

Big Lego Tower from small bricks

The record-breaking diorama weighs in at 880 pounds (400 kilograms) and spans 226 square feet (21 square meters). It was assembled at the Lego House in Billund, Denmark. More than 1500 fans joined together to recreate 554 rooms.

These include apartments and shops from the upcoming mobile game, which was created in conjunction with NimbleBit.

“Seeing the Lego community come together to build Lego Tower in the real world has truly been a captivating and rewarding experience over the last three days,” said Ian Marsh, co-founder of NimbleBit.

Lego fans build huge diorama
Fans contributed their own Lego Tower rooms to the diorama.
Photo: Jens Dige/AP Images for Lego Games

The game launches for iOS and Android devices ‪on July 1.‬ To pre-register, visit the App Store or Google Play.

Anyone who hates waiting can play some of the other Lego iPhone games, including one based on haunted playsets.