iPhone XS resale value makes Galaxy S10 look pathetic


Long-term iPhone XR demand could eventually lead to greater sales than the iPhone XS.
Almost a year later, used iPhone XS and XR units are still worth most of what what paid for them.
Photo: Apple

The 2018 iPhone models drew criticism for their high prices, but new data shows that they have held their value. The same can not be said for Samsung’s rival flagship phone.

The Galaxy S10 line lost more resale value in the first month than the iPhone XS and XR did in the 9 months after their release, according to a phone resale company.

Samsung’s flagship models dropped in value 46.7% in the first month they were available, according to BankMyCell.

In contrast, the iPhone XS / XR range lost 42.4% in the 9 months after their introduction.

Over the years, iPhone models have held their value better than Android ones. This latest data indicates that this trend is holding true even during a time when Apple has experienced a drop in demand for its handsets.

iPhone XS and XR not holding value as well as predecessors

An iPhone XS with 64GB of storage debuted last fall at $999, and a used model was now worth $566, a 43.3 percent drop, according to BankMyCell.

An iPhone XS Max with the same amount of storage has lost 39.3 percent of its initial $1,099 price over 9 months.

A used iPhone XR 64GB that initially went for $749 is now worth $451, a 39.8 percent drop.

While all three are holding their value very well compared to the Galaxy S10, they aren’t doing as well as their predecessor. The iPhone X, which debuted back in 2017, debuted costing $999 but was still worth $690 nine months later. That’s a drop of just 30.9 percent.

Speaking of the Galaxy S10, BankMyCell says that just 30 days after its release this spring the 64GB version had depreciated in value from $900 to $500. a drop of 44.4 percent. Some of the various S10 versions had dropped in value as much as 53.3 percent.