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Tech company workers are split on Apple monopoly


App Store
Is the App Store a monopoly?
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Nearly 75% of Apple employees are behind Tim Cook’s recent declaration that the App Store is not monopoly.

A recent survey found that Qualcomm and Spotify employees are the biggest Apple haters with over 80% responding that recent App Store monopoly claims are legit. The overall tech industry appears to be split on the case though with 54% of employees from the biggest companies taking Apple’s side.

Over 10,000 users of the Blind app were asked the following question: Is Apple creating a monopoly by only allowing consumers to purchase apps from their App Store?

There were three answer options: “Yes,” “No,” and “I don’t know”. Here’s the breakdown on a per company basis:

Apple’s monopoly
No surprise Qualcomm and Spotify hate Apple.
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Blind is an anonymous social network where thousands of verified employees can talk about work issues. The company found that 52.2% of Android users think Apple has a monopoly while only 38% of iPhone users feel the same.

Asked recently if Apple is too big, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “We are not a monopoly,” Cook told CNBC. He was also asked about Elizabeth’s Warren’s plan to break up big tech companies

“I think some people would argue, if you are selling a good, then you can’t have a product that competes with that good. That’s an argument more that takes you down the path that Walmart shouldn’t be stocking alternative or house brand. And so this is decades of U.S. law here. And we’ll be – we’ll tell our story to anybody that we need to or that wants to hear it,” Cook said.