Fart Joke Apps Are The New Tip Calculators



This is the just the first half. Of the first page. Of search results for the word “fart” on the App Store.

It would appear that if you haven’t written a fart app, you’re nobody.

Seriously: do any of you have one of these on your iPhone? Has anyone had one of these apps installed for more than 10 minutes? A day?

I can’t talk. I’ve got Star Wars Sound Board installed.

6 responses to “Fart Joke Apps Are The New Tip Calculators”

  1. John says:

    People charge money for fart apps?

  2. Peruchito says:

    this is why they did not allow it the first time around. they knew it would open a whole can o’worms

  3. j.c. says:

    People PAY money for fart apps?