Heads up: Bills for Apple News+ trial subscriptions going out soon


Some publishers report that Apple News+ isn't a 'huge boon' for business
Apple News+ is about to send out its first monthly bills. It’s time to decide how much you like access to 300 magazines and more.
Photo: Apple

Everyone who signed up for a free trial of Apple News+ right after it was unveiled is about to get charged for their first month. While there’s a lot to like in this digital magazine/newspaper subscription service, anyone who’s not interested should get out before they get their first bill.

Fortunately, iOS makes this a snap.

Apple News+ has 300 magazines and more

News+ provides access to a wealth of periodicals from the likes of Vogue, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker. In total, there are 300 magazines in the service. It also features content from The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times. Articles can be read on a Mac, iPad or iPhone.

All this comes for $9.99 a month. Apple offered a free 30-day trial, but anyone who signed up for a free trial on March 25 or shortly thereafter is about to get the bill for the second month.

That’s all well and good for everyone who’s enjoying all News+ has to offer. However, those who signed up and found the service isn’t for them should drop out now.

How to unsubscribe from Apple News+

Apple makes unsubscribing for anything purchased through the App Store a breeze, and that includes News+.

Cult of Mac did a whole “how to” explaining the process for cancelling subscriptions. That’s a good place to start.

But if all you need is to be pointed in the right direction, open the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad. On the Today screen, tap on your Apple ID image in the upper-right corner. One of the options on the resulting page is Manage Subscriptions.

Tapping on this will show a list of everything you’re subscribed to: games, services, etc. One of these should be Apple News+. If all-you-can-eat magazines really isn’t your thing, tap on this item in the list, then choose Cancel Subscription. If you need more detailed instructions, there’s that step-by-step guide mentioned earlier.

As long as you’re looking at your list of subscriptions, make sure they are all for apps and services you still want.