Geeky shoes salute rare Apple sneakers from the ‘90s


Apple sneaker 2
These Apple sneakers sell for big bucks. New shoes that salute the originals are a more affordable option.
Photo: Heritage Auction

The Apple-branded sneakers given to employees in the early 1990s have become collectors’ items priced well out of the range of ordinary consumers.

But two companies known for making cutting-edge footwear have come together to create shoes reminiscent of Apple’s original that can be purchased today.

An homage to Apple sneakers

“We pay homage to the early days of personal computing,” said Concepts. “Join us as we command a reboot, reformat and execute the installation of the Concepts x Mephisto CCM-96 Match.

These sneakers quite similar to the ones Apple handed out decades ago, but not identical. Most obviously, they don’t have the Apple branding, but they do have the Mephisto logo in the rainbow-spectrum look of the Apple logo from 1976 to 1998. And Concepts is printed on the side in the same font Apple used.

Concepts x Mephisto CCM-96 Match
Concepts x Mephisto CCM-96 Match are similar to the clunky Apple sneakers of decades ago.
Photo: Concepts

The CCM-96 Match just went on sale for $390. If that seems pricey, a mint-condition pair of the original Apple sneakers went up for auction a few years ago at $15,000.

Apparently, those shoes have quite a legacy. A report from last fall indicated that Versace is considering it’s own homage to the Apple sneaker.

About the creators of the CCM-96 Match

Concepts creates shoes for a market in which it’s “commonplace for street culture, luxury fashion, athletic sports and skateboarding to rub shoulders.”

Founded in 1965, Mephisto is a Parian Footwear company that combines science and old-world craftsmanship.