Steve Jobs at Historic Kidney Transplant Legislation Signing



Steve Jobs joined California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in signing legislation to establish the U.S.’s first nationwide kidney donor registry.

Jobs, who received a liver transplant in 2009, has been credited with providing the impetus for the bill.

“As a transplant recipient, I know how precious this gift of life is,” Jobs said at the signing ceremony in Palo Alto. “And on behalf of those future transplant recipients who will now receive organs because of this new law, I want to thank governor Schwarzenegger, Senator Elaine Alquist and all of the legislators who voted for this law. Thank you all very much.”

Schwarzenegger said the registry will vastly increase the number of donors and make it much easier to find recipient matches. Only one quarter of qualified donors in California are currently signed up on registries, he said.

Donors can sign up here: Donate Life California.

There’s a webcast of the signing ceremony here.