Apple Bids Au Revoir To Paris Expo


(Credit: giiks/flickr)

The Apple Expo in Paris became the latest victim of Cupertino’s decision to scale back its participation in industry trade shows. The French show announced Wednesday next year’s show was cancelled.

Attendance at the 25 year-old Paris event had dwindled to 30,000 this year from a high of 90,000. Apple CEO Steve Jobs had skipped the event since 2004, when he underwent surgery for Pancreatic cancer. The trade show suffered another black eye in 2007, when Apple was unable to show the iPhone.

Tuesday Apple announced San Francisco-based Macworld Expo 2009 would be its last and that Jobs would not be keynote speaker. The company explained the move, saying trade shows had become ‘a very minor part’ of customer outreach.

Although Macworld organizer IDG promised to continue the event without Apple, analysts now question whether the trade show will lose its importance.

Apple’s pullout from the trade show circuit also includes Macworld Tokyo, Macworld New York, and the National Association of Broadcasters.

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