Stylish leather can bring new look – and smell – to your MacBook


leather MacBook cover
Enjoy the smell of stylish productivity.
Photo: Toast

Maybe you’re bored with brushed aluminum and long for a more personalized look to your MacBook.

How about a surface that makes your Apple laptop “strokable and “supremely sexy?”

The strong adjectives are for leather and come from Toast, a company specializing in laptop and smartphone covers.

Toast is “supremely” confident its new leather veneers can help a user rekindle the love for their MacBook.

The Portland company founded by a Finnish-American furniture designer started out making wood covers for tech devices from “responsibly grown, rain-forest friendly” wood sources, like bamboo. Now, Toast is offering 10-different colors of leather laser cut to fit five different MacBook models.

leather MacBook covers
Leather veneer on either side of the trackpad will be happy to absorb the oil from your hands.
Photo: Toast

Customers can shop a la carte, picking different colors for top and bottom covers. They can also add pieces that go on both sides of the trackpad. There are even copper and silver finishes with grain variations in hides to guarantee each cover will be unique.

Leather smells rich and acquires a stylish patina from the wear of time. But if colorful leather alone isn’t enough for you to do you, Toast offers customized engraving for logos, lettering or artwork.

Toast’s leather skins go on with long-lasting adhesives and start at $99.

Toast donates 1 percent of its net sales to environmental non-profits groups and plants a tree seedling for every product it makes.