Why the world is clamoring for an iPhone SE 2 [Opinion]


iPhone SE
There’s broad support for an updated version of the small, inexpensive iPhone SE.
Photo: Sam Mills/Cult of Mac

After Cult of Mac published an editorial recommending an iPhone SE 2, many readers chimed in with support.

The editorial argued that Apple’s success in emerging markets requires a small, inexpensive iOS handset, but quite a few of the comments gave reasons why this model should be released in the U.S. and Europe.

iPhone SE 2: size matters

We suggested that, to keep the price as low as possible, this device should have a 4-inch screen. The idea resonated with many readers.

“Yes to the SE2. There are a lot of us who just have no interest in a phablet,” wrote a user calling himself douglas aalseth in our comments suction under the original article via Disqus. “The low cost is one thing, but the SIZE is the big thing for me.”

And IndyRobb shared on that same venue: “I’m still using my iPhone SE (which I bought very shortly after it was released), and I have not been remotely tempted by any phone since. Why? Size. I’ve tried the bigger phones (my son has one), and I *hate* carrying them around. Just too big to carry around comfortably, and if I want to read, write, or watch video, that’s why I’ve got a killer iPad.”

iPhone SE 2: the price is right

Our editorial proposed that Apple charge $350 for it’s basic handset. Many people leapt at the idea.

“I just want a 400 dollar phone. That’s it! I would buy a new one every 2 years,” wrote Chris Wrobel on Facebook. “When ya charge 1000 for a phone I feel I need it for 4-5 years for it to be a practical investment.”

Some people posted frustration at the high cost of Apple’s newest models. “I’m in the UK, and If I can’t get a budget iPhone (like I did for my current SE, and the 5C before that) then I’ll be getting an android,” warned Alex Evans on Facebook.

And one reader even said our proposed price wasn’t low enough. “An SE2 would be a wonderful idea. But I think $349 is still too high,” suggested tjwolf via Disqus. “Apple is currently selling the SE (on occasion) in their clearance section for $249(32gb) and $299(128gb). Obviously they can make money at those price levels – Apple never sells anything at a loss – so that’s where they should aim an SE2 for emerging markets.”

The other side of the coin

Our iPhone SE 2 editorial did receive negative remarks, of course. 

There was skepticism that Apple would ever introduce a low-price iPhone. “Although I totally agree, I cannot see it happening anytime soon, Apple are a stubborn company and they believe they have the correct line up of devices at the minute,” said ianthetechman in our comments section.

And, of course, some people just flat disagreed. “How many times have Apple been told to make cheap products since 1984? If they’d done that, they would have disappeared long ago,” Neil Fairbrother wrote on Facebook. “Cheap and high volume simply isn’t their business model. For anything.”

These are just representative comments on the various points. Dozens were posted on a range of social media platforms.