Fortnite 8.01 update brings buried treasure to Battle Royale


Fortnite hidden treasure
Can you find the hidden loot?
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s first update since the launch of season eight has landed, bringing buried treasure to Battle Royale for the first time.

Players can pick up a map to track down a hidden chest, which contains “a trove of legendary loot.” This update also contains a number of bug fixes and improvements.

The latest Fortnite release isn’t the most spectacular, but that’s to be expected after massive changes rolled out last week. There are still some nice new additions and improvements to look forward to, including a brand new item and limited-time game mode.

Can you find the hidden loot?

The big addition this week is buried treasure. There’s a new item you’ll find in Battle Royale — a treasure map — that will lead you to a hidden chest. Dig it up with your pickaxe and you’ll find it’s full of legendary loot.

The treasure map can be found on the floor or in chests, but only one player can hold one at a time. So long as you have it, then, you can be sure that no one else is hunting down your loot.

Epic Games has vaulted bottle rockets in this update, while the drop rate of the infantry rifle every player loves to hate has thankfully been reduced. You will also find that clinger grenades are a little more difficult to come across.

Slide Duos

This week’s limited-time game mode is called Slide Duos, and it’s a little insane. Every player in the match has ice blocks on their feet, but carries a grappler with infinite ammo to help them get around.

Friction has been lowered and the maximum run speed has been greatly increased, making this mode even crazier. The good news is that there is no fall damage, so you don’t have to worry about sliding off of mountains and tall buildings.

Other changes and improvements

Fortnite 8.01 increases the angle at which you can slide down terrain without getting hurt to 75 degrees (from 65). It also makes a whole hose of audio improvements, which Epic confirmed last week, and fixes a fire button issue on mobile.

You can find the full patch notes on the official Fortnite blog, and you can download the update across all platforms now.