Apple seeks help tracking complaints about Siri | Cult of Mac

Can a social media guru extinguish Siri’s tire fire of complaints?


Siri Alexa in voice report
Apple is hiring someone to track what everyone says about Siri.
Photo: Apple

Corporation ISO very patient person to listen to endless complaints about its digital assistant. No phonies.

Apple really did post a job opening for someone to monitor what people are saying about Siri, with an eye to turning complaints into improvements to this beleaguered voice-driven assistant.

Does this sound like you?

The opening is for a program manager tasked with “monitoring what the world is saying about Siri through social media, news, and other sources; then providing product analysis and recommendations to stakeholders and leadership,” according to a listing on Apple’s website.

This person will also be responsible for checking what everyone says after Apple makes Siri-related announcements to see if the company got its message across.

Siri needs the help

Whomever Apple hires is likely to be extremely busy. Siri compares poorly against Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and Google Assistant. Its weakness is hurting sales of Apple products, including the HomePod.

Apple has been staffing up to take care of this problem. It posted more than a hundred job openings for the Siri team in the first part of last year.

And there was a re-organization at the top, too. The program manager Apple is hiring will work under a new head of the Siri team after the previous chief, Bill Stasior, was reassigned last month.