How to use Fortnite’s brilliant new Party Assist feature

How to use Fortnite’s brilliant new Party Assist feature


Fortnite season 8
Don’t forget about Party Assist!
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite season eight isn’t just about new content. Epic Games also added a whole bunch of quality improvements that make the game more enjoyable.

One of those is a feature called Party Assist — and it’s an excellent addition to Battle Royale. Here’s how it works.

It’s easy to overlook some of Fortnite’s biggest improvements because they fly under the radar when there are more obvious changes to enjoy. With new areas to explore, new weapons to play with, and more than 100 new rewards to unlock, who cares about anything else?

But one feature you shouldn’t ignore — especially if you’re the kind of player who likes to complete all your challenges and level up your Battle Pass — is Party Assist.

What is Party Assist in Fortnite season 8?

Party Assist lets you and your friends team up to complete your Fortnite challenges together. It does more than encourage duo and squad play. It rewards you for it.

For instance, one of the challenges in week one of season eight is to deal damage with a shotgun and an explosive weapon during the same game. That might be difficult if you’re playing by yourself. With Party Assist activated, it becomes much easier.

Let’s say you don’t like using explosive weapons, but your teammate loves them. You can go out and deal damage with a shotgun while they wreak havoc with a grenade launcher — and the progress they make will count toward your challenge, too.

Remember to use Fortnite Party Assist

An important thing to remember about Party Assist is that it doesn’t work automatically. You need to activate it with specific challenges — otherwise it does nothing.

What’s more, you can only use it for one challenge at a time.

Party Assist doesn’t work if you’re playing with randoms, either. You can only use it with teammates who are in your party before you join a match — not with those who are placed with you when you use the “fill” feature in duo and squad matches.

Go try out Party Assist with a friend on those more difficult challenges and see just how much easier they become. It’s a great addition to Fortnite that should make leveling up a lot faster.