Fortnite is bringing back glider re-deploy and new scoped revolver

Fortnite is bringing back glider re-deploy and new scoped revolver


Fortnite scoped revolver
Get your hands on it this week.
Photo: Epic Games

This week’s Fortnite update will bring the first scoped pistol to Battle Royale.

Version 7.20 will also add glider re-deploy back into the game, but in an effort to make it more balanced and curb player complaints, it will work a little differently this time.

Fortnite fans are divided over glider re-deploy, which lets players jump off of mountains, tall buildings, and structures and pull out their glider at any time. Some love it, others feel like it spoils the game, giving players an easy getaway.

Epic tested the feature for two weeks before removing it back in 2018, but in an effort to please all players, it is bringing it back. It just won’t be quite the same.

Here’s how glider re-deploy will work in Fortnite 7.20

Glider re-deploy will be an item when it returns in Fortnite version 7.20. That means you’ll have to pick it up and carry it in your inventory if you want to use it; it won’t just be available to all at any time.

If you have the item in your bag, you’ll be able to use it just like before — by tapping the jump button while you’re in the air. Each deploy will remove one of its charges. If you don’t have the item, you’ll just fall to the ground like normal.

“The goal with the item is to provide mobility and utility, but in a form that can be balanced and iterated upon,” explains Epic Games. “By implementing glider redeploy as an item we can iterate on multiple different levels (i.e. redeploy height, movement speed, drop chance, charge count), including inventory slot tension.”

This will give Epic the ability to tweak glider re-deploy to address future complaints, while still giving players who want to use it the opportunity to do so.

Look out for the scoped revolver

This week’s Fortnite update will also add a scoped revolver. It’s a “six-shot pistol that packs a punch and provides perfect accuracy at any range,” reads the in-game teaser.

Not much else is known about the new revolver at this point, but it seems like it will be a powerful weapon. It sounds a lot like the hand cannon, but with a scope.

We’re expecting Fortnite 7.20 to roll out tomorrow, so you should be able to get your hands on glider re-deploy and the new revolver then.

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