Cupixel and iPad will have you painting masterpieces

AR art kit and iPad will have you painting masterpieces


Cupixel is like having an AR Bob Ross with your iPad.
Photo: Cupixel

CES 2019 bugOf all the things visitors expect to do at the Consumer Electronics Show, creating a stunning work of art isn’t on the list.

But that’s exactly what could happen if you stop by the Cupixel booth. The creators know the proof is in the painting.

With an iPad, an app and Cupixel’s art box, a fabulous painting is just at the tip of the brush of anyone willing to pick it up.

Picasso believed every child is an artist but for most, creating gets circumvented by the mounting responsibilities of adulthood.

Cupixel is confident that anyone regardless of experience can paint a picture with its AR-assisted setup. The process will be intriguing enough to get you over any initial fear.

Cupixel helps you create fine ARt

A user starts by uploading a picture they would like to paint or they can select one from the Cupixel app’s gallery.

The Cupixel app uses the iPad camera to project and overlay image.
Photo: Cupixel

Inside the art box are 12 tubes of paint, two paint brushes, 12 mini canvases and a special mount for your iPad or iPhone. The app’s AR feature will use the device’s camera to project a layover sketch onto the canvas.

The app breaks your image into nine sections and each small canvas covers one section of the image. Once sketched out, the app shows you how to paint and blend colors.

Once completed, the nine mini canvases can be assembled into a special frame that is also part of the kit.

“We found a solution that enables anyone, regardless of previous art experience or talent, to experience art creation,” Cupixel CEO and founder Elad Katav said. “Our users get an opportunity to channel their inner-artist and experience the joy in creating and accomplishing stunning art.”

A Cupixel kit runs $59.99 and additional canvasses can be ordered off the website. The company says the paints and brushes should last a user for several paintings.

Inspired by this guy.
Photo: Cupixel