IINA is a beautiful new Mac-only movie-watching app


IINA screenshots
IINA is a super-slick new media player for the Mac.
Photo: IINA

Iina is a brand-new video-playing app for the Mac. Like VLC, it can play pretty much any file, and has deep customization options, even in v1.0. Unlike VLC, it feels like a real Mac-first app, and has support for trackpad gestures and bowser extensions right out of the box.

Iina is based on the open-source video player MPV, and is a download from outside the Mac App Store. Make sure you’re happy with that, security-wise, and that you know how to open apps from unknown sources.

The app itself is clean, and has some great features. It automatically finds and downloads subtitles, for example, which is something fairly common in iOS video apps, but not on the Mac. It also has good gesture support. Tap the trackpad with two fingers to play/pause; swipe up and down with two fingers to control volume; and swipe left and right with two fingers to scrub through the video. These can all be customized.

It supports local files, streaming, YouTube playlists, native PiP, and more.

In all, it’s a slick app, which runs fine even on older Macs — although you’ll need to be running macOS 10.11 or newer.

Check it out:

Price: Free

Download: IINA