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Linea Sketch adds fantastic new Apple Pencil features


Linea Sketch
Linea Sketch get a ton of great iPad-Pro ready-features.
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The iPad’s best simple drawing app just got a fantastic update for the new 2018 iPad Pro. Linea Sketch is a crowd favorite thanks to its clean design, its advanced-yet-simple-to-use features, and its great drawing and ink engine. And now it has been brushed up to take advantage of the new 2018 iPadPro and second-gen Apple Pencil.

Linea Sketch updates

Apple Pencil support

First up is support for the new Apple Pencil’s double-tap gesture. Linea lets you assign the tap to enter selection mode, show/hide the interface, switch tools, and change tool sizes. You can also choose what your bare finger does when the Pencil is connected. You can erase, blend, draw, move the canvas or do nothing.

Blend and fill

And speaking of blending, you can now scrub on the drawing to blur the ink, as well as enjoy a new fill tool: Tap inside a section of your drawing to fill it with color. The fill tool is particularly clever, though, because it respects the lines on all layers. For instance, if you have a circle on one layer, and a line bisecting that circle on a later above, then you can use the fill tool to fill in just one half of that circle.


Another great addition is versions. You can now save versions of a drawing as you go, and revert back to a previous version at any time. You can also save a version as a new sketch. This lets you explore alternative designs without cluttering your sketch library.

There’s more in here too, from new templates to match the new 11-inch iPad’s screen, to zip shapes, which auto-snap your shoddy hand-drawn circles, squares, and triangles into proper geometric shapes.

Linea was always a bargain, but at $5 for an app that gets such regular and great updates, it’s an app that should be on every iPad.

Price: $4.99

Download: Linea Sketch from the App Store (iOS)