Get a second iPad Pro USB-C power charger for $29


The power charger from the 2018 iPad Pro isn’t well suited for travel.
The power charger from the 2018 iPad Pro isn’t well suited for travel.
Photo: Apple

The 2018 iPad Pro comes with an 18W power adapter. Apple just began selling this as a separate item.

Having a second charger for your tablet when you’re on the go is convenient, but Apple’s $29 offering might not be the best choice.

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This accessory has a USB-C port, not USB-A. That’s because this year’s iPad Pro made the switch from the Lightning connector to USB-C.

Thanks to this port, this 18W Apple charger can also be used with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable to replenish the battery in a recent iPhone much more quickly than the 5W charger the device comes with.

Perhaps not the ideal 2018 iPad Pro power adapter

Although undoubtedly reliable and well made, Apple’s USB-C power adapter is far from the only option available. And it’s not particularly well suited to be used on the go because the metal prongs don’t fold down.

Another option is the USB-C charger that comes with recent MacBook models. They can also power a 2018 iPad Pro, and it sports fold-out prongs.

Or there are plenty of third-party USB-C power chargers available that are better suited for travel than the one Apple just put up for sale . One example is the Scosche PowerVolt Power Delivery 3.0, which has two 18W USB-C ports, fold-out prongs, and a $39.99 price.

Anyone not dissuaded can find Apple’s 18W USB-C Power Adapter on the company’s web store.