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Star Wars drones will blow your nerdy mind [Deals]


Live out your Star Wars flights of fancy with these high performance, feature-rich drones.
Live out your sci-fi flights of fancy with these high-performance drones.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Any Star Wars fan can relate to the dream of taking off in an X-wing. The best we could do in the old days was to play video games or mouth engine noises while running around the living room a toy starfighter. But it’s the future now, so anyone can live out their own Star Wars dogfights and chase scenes.

The Star Wars Propel Drone: Collectors Edition features high-performance drones in the forms of some very familiar vehicles. There’s the unmistakable X-wing fighter, Darth Vader’s imposing TIE Advanced X1 fighter, and the 74-Z speeder bike that screamed through the jungles of Endor.

Each Star Wars drone features new Reverse Propulsion technology, multiple speed settings, and speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, along with other great features like push-button aerial stunts.

The included companion app includes more than 30 training missions, so you can get your laps in the simulator before taking to the skies outside (or in the living room, you daredevil you). Additionally, for the right soundtrack, the included display case will even play iconic music from the Star Wars films.

Buy now: Score a collectible Star Wars Propel Drone, whether the X-Wing, 74-Z speeder bike or Vader’s TIE fighter, for just $49.99. That’s a full 66 percent off the usual price!