Classicbot Plush is a Mac lookalike that is soft and huggable

This lovable Mac lookalike is soft enough to hug


Hardware and software, the Classicbot Plush.
Photo: Philip Lee

There are collectors dying to get their hands on certain Mac prototypes. Put your hands on the one that surfaced in Anaheim, Calif. earlier this month, you’ll want to squeeze it. It’s that soft.

Philip Lee, the Hong Kong toy designer who loves all things Apple, showed off the plush Mac-like prototype toy at the recent DesignerCon 2018.

Lee, featured in Cult of Mac for his plastic Classicbot toys that look like some of Apple’s beloved desktop machines, partnered with Dark Label HK for the softer touch. The Classicbot Plush is a cuddly character that stands similar in size to the original Macintosh Computer.

Mac lovers will find the view familiar.
Photo: Philip Lee

Lee can not include the logo or words closely associated with the Apple brand, but his toys capture enough familiar details to make them faithful representations.

The growing toy line usually features machines that can easily support a face. There are large pixels for eyes on the screen with the disk drive slot doubling as a crooked mouth. They also feature arms and legs and come with a keyboard and friendly mouse character.

Classicbot Plush is expected to be ready for production and pre-orders soon. You can follow Lee or Dark Label HK on Facebook for updates.