Next Harry Potter game will be Pokémon Go for wizards


A teaser trailer reveals the theme of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
A teaser trailer reveals the theme of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
Photo: Niantic

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will use augmented reality to let players seemingly cast spells in the real world, while encountering characters and creatures from the Wizarding World.

It had been scheduled to be released before the end of this year. Instead, all we’re getting is a teaser trailer and a promise that this AR game will be out in 2019.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite won’t be just a cheap knockoff of Pokémon GO, the first hugely popular AR games. It’s partially being created by Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon GO, so at worst the Harry Potter version is going to be a very well-made knockoff.

Surprisingly little is known at this point about what this title will offer. A statement from Niantic, Portkey Games and Warner Bros. Games says “players will be able to explore real-world surroundings to unravel a global mystery, cast spells, and encounter fantastic beasts and iconic characters along the way.”

Unlike the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game that debuted early this year, the upcoming title will include everyone’s favorite characters: the wands that appear in the official logo of Wizards Unite belong to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

The three companies developing this mobile software haven’t specifically said it’s coming to iPhone and Android, but it’s a safe assumption.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite teaser tailer

The teaser trailer certainly lives up to its name, revealing almost nothing about this game. Still, it apparently reveales the overall theme: “The Wizarding World is at risk of exposure. We need your help.”