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Microsoft Holds Funeral for iPhone and Blackberry


Photo: Trioculus via Flickr
iPhone Funeral (Photo: Trioculus via Flickr)

Celebrating the release to manufacture of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft employees held a mock funeral Friday for the iPhone and Blackberry on their Redmond campus:

Employees dressed up in fancy dress and also modified cars to include Windows Phone branding. Aside from the crazy outfits the workers made fake hearses for giant BlackBerry and iPhone devices. Employees cheekily claimed they had buried the competition with Windows Phone 7. [Neowin]

Mourners and pallbearers were seen holding signs such as “Windows Phone 7 OS Platform buries the competition” and performed a funereal dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller as part of the remembrances.

The latest iPhone Killer launches on October 11.  Is it too early to call this another premature obituary?

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