Custom iPhone XS salutes Apple’s humble start. In gold! | Cult of Mac

Custom iPhone XS salutes Apple’s humble start. In gold!


gold iPhone XS
This iPhone XS tells a story in gold.
Photo: Legend

It’s hard comprehending the road Apple took to create the iPhone XS. What started in a garage 42 years ago grew into a trillion dollar company.

Now, you can own an iPhone XS that honors the tech giant’s spartan beginnings.

Legend, the Finnish company gold-plating and embellishing iPhones for a wealthier clientele, this week introduced the Heritage, a 24K-gold iPhone XS that displays Apple’s original logos.

The first from 1976 features the Victorian-styled scene of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with a single Apple over his head. The oft-forgotten third co-founder, Ronald Wayne, created a Victorian-styled scene with Isaac Newton under a tree with a single apple above his head.

A year later, co-founder Steve Jobs wanted a simple Apple design for the logo, commissioning Rob Janoff, who drew up the now-iconic bitten Apple logo with rainbow striping.

Legend gives buyers the option to order the Wayne illustration hand engraved and laser etched. The Apple logo sits on a gold-plated frame with enamel paint used for the various rainbow colors.

The backplate itself is gold-plated silver. A buyer can add other custom touches, including an all-silver back plate or having a mono-color Apple.

The price for the Heritage line, which debuted with other luxury models on the company website, starts at around $3,576.