Speck folio case protects 2018 iPad Pro from 6-foot drops


Speck's latest iPad Pro case transforms into a stand, too.
Speck's latest iPad Pro case transforms into a stand, too.
Photo: Speck

The Speck Presidio Pro Folio boasts a polycarbonate outer shell designed to protect the latest iPad Pro models should they fall from a greater height than they are ever likely to.

The upcoming case turns into a stand for typing or viewing, and includes a cradle to store the new Apple Pencil.

Speck promises the Presidio Pro Folio’s “polycarbonate outer shell disperses impact while the IMPACTIUM shock barrier’s ridges act as a crush zone to absorb shock.” The company commits to protection against drops of up to 6 feet.

Speck's 2018 iPad Pro case comes in three colors.
Speck’s 2018 iPad Pro case comes in three colors, including purple.
Photo: Speck

There’s a raised bezel around the screen to help prevent scratching and shattering if the tablet falls face downward.

For those who want to add some style, the 12.9-inch Presidio Pro Folio comes in black, grey, or purple. The 11-inch version exchanges red for purple.

Naturally, there are openings for the 2018 iPad Pro’s USB-C port, camera, etc. These should make it obvious that while this case brings drop protection, it doesn’t do anything against water.

Presidio Pro Folio stand and Pencil holder

As a folio, this case has a flap that closes over the iPad Pro’s display for protection when it’s being carried. This flap can also be folded into a stand for the tablet.

Magnets in the flap will automatically wake the computer when the screen is exposed, or put it to sleep when the screen is covered.

There’s a slot to hold the second-generation Apple Pencil. What’s not yet clear is whether the Pencil will be able to wirelessly charge from the iPad while in that slot. Apple’s redesigned stylus gets its power by being clipped to the side of the tablet, so it might not be able to recharge in this case.

Speck Presidio Pro Folio price and release date

There are versions of this newly-announced case specifically for the new 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, necessary because Apple has made the new models smaller than their predecessors. There won’t be versions for those earlier iOS tablets.

The smaller version comes in at $59.95, while the larger is $89.95. Right now they are just listed as “coming soon”.

Those who like the general design but want to save some money could choose the Speck Balance Folio for the 11-inch iPad Pro at $39.95. It only protects against falls of 4 feet, however.