Easily process and edit 4K/HD videos with all-in-one VideoProc

Easily process and edit 4K/HD videos with VideoProc [iPhone XS and AirPods giveaway]


Easy-to-use Mac app VideoProc makes video processing simple.
This easy-to-use Mac app makes video processing simple.
Image: Digiarty Software

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Shooting great video on an iPhone is easy. But if you want to edit or work with video at a deeper level for watching or uploading without any limitations, you’re going to need special software. Usually, that means getting an expensive application for video editing and conversion.

A new app from Digiarty Software called VideoProc offers an easier, more affordable way to process video. Plus, you can win a copy of the Mac app in our sweepstakes — and maybe even take home a free iPhone XS and AirPods to enjoy your sparkly new video! Just visit the iPhone video processing page and enter your email for a chance to win.

VideoProc is a one-stop video-processing tool that makes it easy to edit, resize, adjust and transcode even 4K Ultra HD videos on your Mac. It sports six separate editing tools, all backed by full GPU acceleration. Additionally, it can capture video from more than 1,000 sites, record webcams and screens at the same time, and lots more.

Edit video from iPhone, GoPro, DJI in an easier way

Digiarty Software, the maker of this app, uses the term “video processing” instead of “video editing” for a reason. Instead of focusing on converting a video, or editing and adjusting it, this Mac app does all of the above. (There’s also a Windows version.)

VideoProc boasts 47X faster processing speed and low CPU usage thanks to Level-3 hardware acceleration.

You can trim, cut, crop, merge, rotate and flip your video clips. You also can change the aspect ratio, apply effects and more. VideoProc’s Advanced Toolbox includes shaky video stabilization, background noise removal, GIF processing, fisheye distortion, watermark stamps, and color, audio and speed adjustments, among other features. There’s even a tool to change the video frame rate.

An easy-to-use Mac video processor

Processes like these are often difficult to learn on pricier software. But a straightforward interface lays things out clearly, and makes each process available within a few clicks. The more precise your needs, the more detailed you can get. But it’s mostly a matter of adjusting sliders, selecting the output and where you want it.

Whether the video is from an iPhone, GoPro, DSLR camera, drone, baby monitor or straight from YouTube, it can be easily tweaked, converted, shared and played on any mobile device. Of course, editing on an iPhone isn’t best, no matter how big the screen. So this platform operates on Mac and Windows, bypassing many of iPhone’s limitations.

Solve the video size and format incompatibility issue

The iPhone is fussy about video formats, too. File formats like MKV, FLV and AVI don’t play back natively on iPhone. And HEVC, Apple’s go-to video format for iOS devices, doesn’t always play back on other devices. If you’re trying to edit VBR videos on a platform like Premiere, it can involve a lengthy conversion process.

After a video is trimmed, resized, converted and processed in any other way, it’s a lot easier to share. With the right sizing and format, you can save a lot of time uploading HD videos online, ensuring a clip isn’t cropped badly for Instagram, add letterbox to non-standard aspect ratios, and lots more. Other irritants like reduced resolution after uploading, shaky or noisy videos, even the red bar that sometimes show up on videos recorded with an iPhone screen recorder, you can sidestep each.

Screen/webcam recorder

VideoProc also makes it easy to capture video straight from your Mac or iOS screen.

For gamers, sports fans and anybody else can record video from gameplay, presentations, webinars, Skype calls and streaming video. The software simplifies the process of grabbing this crucial content for creating vlogs, podcasts, software reviews and video instructions.

You can record from your desktop or iOS screen, or from a webcam, or from both simultaneously (using picture-in-picture mode). You also can crop to grab a specific section of the video. And VideoProc’s tools let you mark up the video, too. You can draw, type, add voiceovers and images, and otherwise tweak the video you capture.

Win an iPhone XS, AirPods and a licensed copy of VideoProc

If you shoot a lot of video and want more flexibility in making them shine on any device, VideoProc is for you. Usually, it costs $78.90 for a lifetime license.

But right now, you can enter to win an iPhone XS, a pair of AirPods and a year of VideoProc. All told, it’s about $1,500 worth of prizes. And all you need to do is enter by November 30. Digiarty is giving away 500 copies of the software a day!