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Apple Phone concept brings new twist to iPhone’s iconic notch


Meet the Apple Phone.
Meet the Apple Phone.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa

Apple’s iconic notch on the iPhone X and iPhone XS has already spawned a number of Android imitators, but concept designer Antonio De Rosa has an idea that could throw a curveball at the competition: move the notch to the left.

In a series of new concept renderings, De Rosa argues that Apple should change the name of the iPhone to Apple Phone while also giving it a new look and a fancy stylus.

Take a look:

iPhone notch
Does the notch look better this way?
Photo: Antonio de Rosa

Moving the notch to one side would possibly provide more room for icons and other information in the status bar up top. It’d also make the iPhone look different than Android phones. The OnePlus 6, Google Pixel 3, LG G7, and Huawei P20 all have copied the iPhone’s notch.

De Rosa also wants Apple to finally integrate a stylus into the Apple Phone. The stylus would pull out from the top and connect via Bluetooth, kind of like a miniature Apple Pencil.

The Apple Phone concept also brings a five-lens camera to the back. Four of the sensors would be 12MP wide and telephoto lenses, while a fifth at the bottom would pack a 20MP “wide-zoom” camera, which honestly doesn’t make a lot of sense at all, but it’s fun to dream.

Quadra camera
Five cameras are better than two.
Photo: Antonio De Rosa