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SUV Getaway Cars Spotted in iPad Snatchings



SUV owners not only drive like jerks, but now instead of just taking up three parking spaces and cutting you off, they may be out for your iPad.

A pair of iPads were snatched from their owners in a Seattle neighborhood, both of the crooks used SUVs as getaway cars.

One happy hour customer at Julia’s had a decidedly unhappy few minutes when another patron grabbed his iPad and ran out. The manager gave chase but was left in the dust when the crook jumped into a dark blue SUV. The iPad snatcher was described as a “a white male in his 20s, with dark hair and wearing a t-shirt.”

Not too far away that same day, another man had his reading interrupted when a thief ran into Philadelphia Fevre sandwich shop and took his iPad. This iPad grabber is said to drive off in a white SUV.

Here’s hoping the thieves get nailed for a typical SUV driving habits and get nailed for the thefts.