Tile Bluetooth tracker finally adds replaceable batteries


Tile will speak out against Apple in Congress antitrust hearing
Tile will speak out against Apple in Congress antitrust hearing
Photo: Tile

Tile offers some of the most popular Bluetooth trackers, but these had a significant drawback: non-replaceable batteries. Getting a fresh battery required buying a whole new tracker. That finally changed today.

The latest Tile Mate and Tile Pro also offer longer range and louder volumes. 

Tile battery replacement at last!

“Listening to our customers plays a huge role in our development process, and we’ve consistently received one request: the desire for a replaceable battery,” wrote CJ Prober, Tile CEO.  “With the new Mate and Pro, we’re excited to introduce our first-ever replaceable battery model and our best-performing Tiles ever.”

Each Tile battery is expected to last a year, and the replacements are easily available and inexpensive.  Tile did extensive testing on a wide variety of battery doors to help ensure this component won’t fail.

Greater range for Tile Mate and Tile Pro

Ring volume and Bluetooth range for both the standard and professional iterations have been increased in the new versions. Tile Mate now boasts a Bluetooth range of 150 feet and Tile Pro offers a range of 300 feet.

Tile Mate retails for $25 while Tile Pro is $35. Both are available today at Tile.com and major retailers.

Tile Premium subscription service 

In addition, the company today introduced Tile Premium, a suite of offerings including free battery replacements. The subscription service also offers smart alerts, such as a notification when you leave home without specific Tiled items. A 30-day location history is also included.

Tile Premium is available for $29.99 annually or $2.99 monthly.