You’ll never guess what’s inside the iPhone XS boxes [Unboxing videos]


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Just one has a staggering amount of computing power compared to the Apollo 11 computer.
Screenshot: Jonathan Morrison

The average joe won’t get their hands on the new iPhone XS until Friday, but a fortunate few got early access. That’s led to the first unboxing videos of Apple’s new flagship smartphone.

These offer quick, hands-on overviews of the iPhone XS Max and the smaller iPhone XS for people who just can’t wait until they get one themselves.

A true iPhone XS unboxing video

Marques Brownlee has made a career of reviewing products on YouTube, so of course he filmed an iPhone XS unboxing video:

As he discovers, there’s no last-minute surprise with Apple giving up its old USB-A charger. “I was kind of hoping by 2018 we could get either a fast charger in the box or a USB C to lightning charger or, or both. But we get neither of those things,” said Brownlee.

And he had another disappointment. “Confirmed: no headphone jack dongle in the box of the iPhone XS.”

To be clear, this isn’t Brownlee’s full review of the iPhone XS, just his unboxing video.

iPhone XS versus iPhone X

Another well-known YouTuber is Jonathan Morrison, who created a video that goes beyond just taking the iPhone XS and XS Max out of its packaging.

He quickly runs through the setup process, and spends a few minutes talking about the specifications. 

However, Morrison’s real emphasis is on comparing the new iPhone XS with last year’s iPhone X.  He runs Geekbench 4 on both, with the new model scoring 10850 on the multi-core portion, compared to the iPhone X’s 10284. The single-core scores were 4805 and 4263, respectively.  On the Compute section of Geekbench 4, the XS scored hugely better: 21524 vs. 14964.  

For some reason, it didn’t occur to Morrison to also benchmark the iPhone XS Max.