Apple in talks with major newspapers for subscription service


Texture might add daily news.
Photo: Apple

Apple is trying to get three of the biggest newspapers in the U.S. to join forces for a new subscription service.

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post have all allegedly been in talks with Apple this summer. Apple is proposing that the newspapers join its digital magazine service, Texture.

Texture was purchased by Apple last March. The app offers customers access to dozens of magazines for $10 per month. Recode reports that Apple wants to add daily news to the service.

Eddy Cue is leading the conversations to get the newspapers to join. It’s unclear if Apple wants to add them in as part of the regular $10 subscription or create a news add for a few dollars extra.

Getting the papers on board could be a tough sell. All three have a strong subscription base already. The Washington Post’s subscription is the cheapest at $10 per month. The New York Times sells its for $17 per month and The Wall Street Journal’s is $37.

Apple News currently sells subscriptions for The Post and the Journal. Gaining access to Apple’s 1.3 billion active devices could dramatically increase the newspaper’s reach though.