Eve’s new Light and Power strips offer HomeKit automation


The Eve PowerStrip can be controlled with Siri thanks to HomeKit support.
The Eve PowerStrip can be controlled with Siri thanks to HomeKit support.
Photo: Eve Energy

iPhone users into home automation just got several new options from Eve Energy. It unveiled a Power Strip, a Light Strip, and an updated version of Eve Room, all with HomeKit support.

These devices can be controlled from any iOS device via Siri, or schedules can be set up to turn them on or off.

The Eve Power Strip offers three sockets, each of which can be controlled separately. The accessory even tracks how much current is used by each socket, allowing the user to monitor their energy usage. U.S. and European versions will be released.

The Eve Light Strip is 6.6 feet (2 meters) long. Up to five strips can be daisy-chained together. One Light Strip can put out 1800 lumens, and shine in a range of colors. Colors can be controlled through an app, of course.

The second generation Eve Room is an updated version of this indoor climate and air quality monitor. It measures the levels of volatile organic components (VOC), as well as measuring temperature and humidity. Levels of each can be displayed on a 1.54-inch E-Ink display, or viewed on a app.

Eve HomeKit accessory pricing

The Eve Light Strip costs $79.99, and the Eve Room 2 is $99.95. No price is available yet for the Eve Power Strip.

All of these have been announced because the IFA trade show is going on, not because they’re actually ready to be released. They’re expected to be out later this year, with the second-gen Room coming first.

Apple’s HomeKit home automation system lags well behind its rivals in available accessories, but a recent change to the standard could bring a wave of new announcements. These Eve Energy products might well be part of that.